Conoce, nada o bucea con un delfín

Hacemos énfasis en el cuidado y la interacción genuina entre humanos y delfines. ¡Experimenta a los delfines en su hábitat natural! Dolphin Academy te brinda inolvidables experiencias para personas de todas las edades. Conoce, nada o bucea con un delfín en su laguna natural o en el mar abierto.

Una filosofía diferente

At Dolphin Academy, we are proud to be one of the only facilities in the world that works with trained dolphins in the open sea. The dolphins reside on the premises of the Curaçao Sea Aquarium in four primary lagoons interconnected by secondary basins and canals. The lagoons are in contact with the ocean, allowing a constant flow of fresh seawater and numerous fish and invertebrate species.

Experiencias con delfines

Hábitats naturales

Filosofía de entrenamiento de delfines

Entrenamiento en mar abierto

Dos felices delfines saltando del mar en la Academia de Delfines de Curaçao.
Dos turistas disfrutando de su encuentro con los delfines en la Academia de Delfines de Curaçao.
Un delfín feliz en el mar en la Academia de Delfines de Curaçao.
Una joven recibe un beso del delfín en la Academia de Delfines de Curaçao.

Lo que dicen nuestros visitantes

  • star rating  This was an incredible experience. The dolphin trainers are very professional - they train the dolphins with positive, not negative reinforcements. Having the playful/social dolphins right in the water with... read more

    noviembre 28, 2022

    star rating  This was very informative cost to enter was reasonable we got here late in the evening but still got to see flamingos different type of fishes around curacao in the... read more

    noviembre 16, 2022

    star rating  We did the dolphin snorkel and it was amazing. My boyfriend and I did it together and the trainer I believe her name was Ingrid was nice enough... read more

    Lindsey S
    octubre 20, 2022
  • star rating  We did the dolphin swim and had a great time. We were in the water with 2 dolphins most of the time. The dolphins are like big puppies. ... read more

    octubre 11, 2022

    star rating  My group of four had a fantastic time doing the Dolphin Experience. Iris was the trainer who worked with Romeo. She was very knowledgeable and informative. We... read more

    octubre 6, 2022

    star rating  The costumer support was excellent from the beginning. Rogelio was extremely helpfull to us and replied on every single question and doubts on E-mail.

    He welcomed us on arrival... read more

    Lax X
    septiembre 25, 2022
  • star rating  We did a Snorkeling experience with the Dolphins. This was a great experience! I have swam with dolphins twice before, but getting to dive and swim with them underwater is... read more

    septiembre 20, 2022

    star rating  Not cheap but kind and professional people and and good explanation and overall an amazing experience!

    septiembre 11, 2022

    star rating  My dream was swim with dolphins and I chose to go there. I had a very good experience. I chose swim with dolphins in lagoon and just one thing that... read more

    septiembre 11, 2022
  • star rating  I am from Milan, Italy and the main reason I came to Curaçao was to do the Dolphins Course in Depth level 1 and 2. I waited 4 years and... read more

    agosto 28, 2022

    star rating  We did the Dolphin encounter with our children and they loved it , to the extent they said they want to become Dolphin Trainers when they grow up . Everything... read more

    agosto 22, 2022

    star rating  I took my daughter yesterday (July 31) to the Dolphin Academy for the Dolphin Encounter. It was a wonderful experience. Even though the waiting time was a little too long... read more

    julio 31, 2022
  • star rating  This was an amazing adventure for our family. Rogelio was terrific. He helped us set up our dolphin snorkel to help celebrate our son's high school graduation. ... read more

    julio 18, 2022

    star rating  The workers are so friendly and super helpful. The dolphins were just amazing I would go over and over again. We loved this experience so much! Thankyou dolphin academy!

    julio 10, 2022

    star rating  This is a truly an amazing experience to have. We did the snorkel with the dolphins, which was like nothing we have ever done before. Being able to swim side... read more

    junio 25, 2022
  • star rating  This was a wonderful experience!! We have swam with Dolphins at other places around to world and we loved our experience here. There were 16 of us and... read more

    junio 14, 2022

    star rating  Did the dolphin swim, very nice! Wizh a very good briefing we were very happy with the dolphin and the dolphin with us. Only-1p because its Not a cheap adventure.... read more

    mayo 21, 2022

    star rating  Fantastic! Loved the snorkel with the dolphins! We came back and did it again this year because we loved it so much. It is clear that the dolphins are... read more

    mayo 11, 2022
  • star rating  The dolphin experience was unbelivable, worth every dollar! The staff is professional and kind, the kids had a wonderful time.

    abril 30, 2022

    star rating  It is a nice sea aquarium with a lot of small things to do like feeding the stingrays and flamingo’s. There is a boot with a glass wall so you... read more

    abril 25, 2022

    star rating  Had a wonderful experience seeing the Dolphins! Spent 20 minutes with Cairo during the Encounter package and also had access to the museum to view other animals. Note though... read more

    shinell t
    abril 22, 2022
  • star rating  What an amazing experience to swim with the dolphins. The instructors are so enthusiastic and sweet for the dolphins. For us as Dutch people is was nice that instructor Carina... read more

    abril 16, 2022

    star rating  Snorkeling with dolphins was an outstanding and amazing experience. Great instructors, clear guidance and support. Clean facilities, well maintained. This is a Curaçao must-do when visiting the island.

    abril 15, 2022

    star rating  We had an amazing time in the water swimming with dolphins. The trainers are fantastic and we’re great with my son with special needs. I have mobility issues and was... read more

    Allison S
    abril 12, 2022
  • star rating  Amazing experience! The trainers were all super friendly and knowledgable and everything was well run. The experience itself was unbelievable! We did the snorkel and you could watch the dolphins... read more

    marzo 24, 2022

    star rating  Honestly, I just wanted it to be longer. The staff went out of their way to make sure we got the most of our time, but I wished for... read more

    febrero 25, 2022

    star rating  I did the Snorkel Tour. It was phenomenal. You get into the water with a couple dolphins. They give you a kiss and you get to hold... read more

    febrero 19, 2022
  • star rating  We did the dolphin encounter. Good service. Great interaction with the dolphin. But the price. It is pricy and if you want to buy pictures it is an extra $15-20.... read more

    febrero 18, 2022

    star rating  This was one of our favorite parts of our trip! Everyone at the aquarium was super great, and the dolphins were incredible.

    diciembre 27, 2021

    star rating  We loved it. Our girls were over the moon to swim with the dolphins. The staff were friendly, attentive, and very professional.

    diciembre 26, 2021