Dolphin Health Care

The best care

The dolphins at Dolphin Academy are Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins. This specific dolphin species naturally resides and thrives in shallow coastal waters. The cleanliness of the water they swim in, the quality of the food they are provided, the social bonds they form with each other, and the quality care provided by humans all coincide to maintain every dolphin’s health and wellbeing.
Two dolphins jumping out of the sea at the dolphin academy in Curaçao.

A natural habitat

Strong offshore winds and currents drive pure seawater from the deep open ocean into the dolphins’ habitat. The fish we feed the dolphins is sourced and imported from the most productive and pristine waters in the world, delivering restaurant-quality food. The large habitat provides space and opportunity for the dolphins to interact with each other to their hearts’ content, which enables them to adopt the natural patterns of the social dynamics found in nature.

Personal bond

Each dolphin is assigned his or her own personal trainer with whom they develop a unique rapport and an emotional bond. Every morning, trainers examine the dolphins to make sure each is in good physical condition. Our in-house veterinarian often accompanies the trainers on morning rounds. The dolphins cooperate by volunteering full body exams, fitness tests, and even blood samples and cultures.
A trainer at the dolphin academy in Curaçao training the dolphin.
A dolphin at the dolphin academy in Curaçao receiving the best health care.


We are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, which we use for voluntary internal examinations, for example. If an illness does occur, our veterinarian will work to isolate the cause and prescribe medications if necessary.