Bayena i Dolfein

Our kids are the future!

Dolphin Academy developed the educational school project ‘Bayena i Dolfein’ (Whales and Dolphins) in 2005 with the purpose of giving every child in Curaçao the chance to learn more about dolphins, whales and marine life in a fun and educational way. The students are provided with a deeper understanding while creating a platform of awareness about their surroundings and the beauty and uniqueness of Curaçao.
The school project includes:
  • Work booklets for students with fun facts and information
  • A teacher’s guide with answers, additional information and activities
  • A Dolphin Masterclass given by a guest teacher of Dolphin Academy
  • A visit to the Dolphin Academy and Curaçao Sea Aquarium, including transportation and a dolphin ‘kiss’ for every student
  • Students will get a drink and a snack and the printed-out dolphin ’kiss’ picture during their visit.
The teaching materials are available in Dutch, English and Papiamentu for elementary schoolchildren in grades 3 to 8. Each curriculum covers one or more aspects of marine life per grade and fits within the educational subject area ‘Nature and Technology’.
School kids at the Dolphin Academy school project.

This school project cannot be a success without the generous support of our sponsors!

Please consider partnering with us as we invest in our community and local children. Get in touch with us for more information about the sponsor opportunities.