Meet, swim or dive with a dolphin

We emphasize care and genuine interaction between humans and dolphins. Experience dolphins in their natural habitat! Dolphin Academy provides unforgettable experiences for both young and old. Meet, swim or dive with a dolphin in either their natural lagoon or the open sea.

A different philosophy

At Dolphin Academy, we are proud to be one of the only facilities in the world that works with trained dolphins in the open sea. The dolphins reside on the premises of the Curaçao Sea Aquarium in four primary lagoons interconnected by secondary basins and canals. The lagoons are in contact with the ocean, allowing a constant flow of fresh seawater and numerous fish and invertebrate species.

Happy Dolphins

Natural Habitat

Open Sea Training

Dolphin Training Philosophy

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What our guests say

Alexandra M
Alexandra M
I have wanted to swim with the dolphins for quite some time - and now that my kids are old enough, we could all participate. I found the Dolphin Academy at the Aquarium, and booked the dolphin swim for the 4 of us. We selected the 8:30am time slot, as we didn't want to get caught in the heat. The aquarium was quiet, and the staff were all very nice. The dolphin trainers were helpful and made sure that we had an amazing time - even when my son was a bit hesitant about being the in the water using flippers. The photographer captured great shots - which I was happy about, since I am normally the photographer and we could not take photos while we were swimming. The dolphins are so beautiful - we all had a great time and can't wait to do it again. After the swim, we purchased our photos and visited the rest of the aquarium. We saw the dolphins again, and my son is very sad that he couldn't swim with his favorite again (Luna - she's so sweet!). A great end to our vacation!
Henry A
Henry A
We absolutely loved our dolphin swim. Stephanie the trainer was a wonderful, patient kind woman who clearly was an expert who loved her job. A dream come true for my wife and it lived up to her expectations. And I should add every member of the staff was friendly
Trond J
Trond J
One of our most spectaculare experience, ever. The feeling of beeing close to and be able to touch them, is more than I can explain. If we get back to Curacao, we'll do it again❤
Dolfijnen zwemmen, al ons hele leven keken wij hier naar uit. Echt een bucketlist-dingetje, bij de Dolphin Academy op Curacao merk je gewoon dat de dieren het goed hebben en veel vrijheid krijgen. Dat was voor ons belangrijk, anders hadden wij dit nooit gedaan. Iets wat prijzig, maar is het zó waard! Een droom die uit kwam en nog mooier, leuker, grappiger, romantischer en specialer dan gedacht.
Loreto B
Loreto B
Hermoso lugar para ir con niños, hay fauna marina. Peces. Logré ir en un minibú una opción más barata que el taxi. En informaciones turísticas frente al Puente te dan los detalles, incluso una persona de la misma oficina nos acompañó a tomar el bus. El show de los delfines es hermoso.