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Dolphin Academy Curacao

Our most comprehensive dolphin interactive and educational program designed especially for children!

Experience the thrill of working with dolphins as a trainer while learning something new about dolphin biology and behavior each day. Kids engage in classroom lectures and games, participate in daily interactive water sessions, and work side by side with our animal care staff. They even participate in a real Dolphin Show!

The course consists of two levels that can be taken together or split between visits to Curacao. These are provided in English or Dutch for children who are competent swimmers.



Level 1 $349
(two half-days )*

• Introduction to Cetaceans
• Dolphin Anatomy and Physiology
• Dolphin Senses
• Dolphin training lessons
• Food preparation and feeding
• Dolphin Training Demonstration
• Dolphin Encounter
• Dolphin Swim

Level 2 $449
(three half-days)**

• Dolphin Echolocation
• Dolphin Cognition
• Dolphin Communication
• Dolphin Society
• Conservation of dolphins
• Echolocation experiment
• Training demonstrations
• Water behavior training
• Dolphin ID Profiling
• Dolphin Snorkel

*     Monday and Tuesday morning
**   Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning

Assistant Trainer Course

• Level 1 Ages 9 -14
• Level 2 Ages 10 -14
• Min. length of 1.30 m / 4.3 feet / 51 inches. Our measurement is definitive
• Bring along a bathing suit, towel and dry clothing
• Snacks are included
• Manual included
• Parents of participants have to fill in an assumption or risk waiver before participants can take part in any activity
• Level 2 is only accessible after completion of level 1